Nemesis Selection

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"Nemesis Selection provides the background explanation of the dismantling of America's Cold War security structure, motivated by political ambition and greed of national politicians. The reader knows that Nemesis Selection has been written by a Washington insider."
-Bruce Tefft, retired CIA counterterrorism specialist

Nemesis Selection

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By Peter Leitner and Lucy Leitner

What if Chinese island building in the Spratlys is just the beginning?

Seven men are dead, their bodies found hanging from trees, slumping next to loaded guns, or sucking on CO2 in garages. Suicides? The FBI doesn’t think so. These men all had a hand in a mysterious think tank report that identified China as the most credible threat to the United States after the fall of the Soviet Union. The FBI quarantines number eight, but not before he passes the report to DOD whistleblower and family man Stuart Strauss.

While the father of four works to figure out if this report is a blueprint for keeping arms dealers rich at the expense of national security, Chinese military forces launch coordinated air and sea strikes in the South and East China Seas. A port explodes in Brunei, taking a U.S. ship with it; Vietnamese planes plummet into the ocean; a torpedo obliterates a Japanese destroyer. Can this all be about claiming a couple of oil-rich island chains? The attorney general is investigating high-ranking U.S. defense officials. The Emperor of Japan is about to make a huge announcement. And what is the Mossad doing in Nevada?

Find out the explosive truth about how disputes in the South China Sea can annihilate the global balance of power in this fact-based thriller.

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